Spyder Victor Paintball Gun Review

Spyder Victor Paintball Gun Review

Like many beginners to paintballing, you may be looking for a reliable entry level gun. With many different makes and models out there it may be difficult to choose which one is most suitable. Continue reading for the full Spyder Victor paintball gun review from Okoca.

The Spyder Victor is one of Kingman’s more basic paintball guns available on the market today. For a beginner this may be an ideal place to start if you don’t want to break the bank while getting used to the sport. This gun holds its own compared to other guns in the same price range and is fairly easy to upgrade. Making it a great starting point.


  • Easy to upgrade
  • Inexpensive
  • Simple and reliable design


  • Accuracy can be inconsistent
  • Low end parts
  • May chop cheaper paints

Image of Spyder Victor paintball gun

Features of the Spyder Victor

Straight out of the box, the Spyder Victor has a simple looking design. This makes it appealing for beginners as it is fairly straight forward to get to grips with. This model is a semi-automatic paintball marker, which is similar to most other paintball guns that you can find on the market. This leaves you with minimal stress when setting up and using in-game.

The Victor is easy to get started with, even with no prior experience. Simply engage the safety button when you are not firing or in game, and when you are ready just disengage the safety button and gently squeeze the trigger to operate.

The only other tasks you would need to do are connect the tank and load the hopper. Then, the Spyder Victor is ready to operate.


Considering that the Victor is a relatively inexpensive gun, you will find it’s performance isn’t too bad. The trigger can be somewhat stiff to pull, but you can expect a good rate of fire from this gun.

The Victor has a decent rate of accuracy and you can expect to hit targets around 40 feet or sometimes further.

One thing that I did notice is that the gun has the tendency to chop paint in the chamber. This can be offset by experimenting with different types of paintballs.

Different guns tend to prefer different brands. It may be worth opting for a higher quality paintball for an optimal experience. But don’t let this put you off, as this is only a small downside and you may not even experience it at all.


The Victor is a fairly basic gun with basic working parts, which means that they require very little maintenance and typically work for years. You can preserve the life of the gun by oiling and cleaning after use, this will keep it working at peak condition for longer.

If for any reason you do experience a leak, you probably just need to replace your O-rings, which can be picked up fairly cheap.


One particular selling point of the Victor is the fact that you can upgrade multiple parts of the gun. You will be able to find grips and bolts online at a reasonable price.


Overall, the Victor is a basic gun that can be picked up for a good price. These are recommended to beginners for the ease of use and it also has the option to be customised. You will be able to upgrade this gun and modify it to your specifications, this is one of the main selling points of the gun. We suggest that you do a little research into the best types of paint to use with the gun before purchasing.

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