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Woods Tents – Camping Reinvented


Who Are Woods Tents?

If you have not heard of them already; Woods Tents, also known as Woodsbuilt are an American company who specialise in a different kind of camping. The tents that they provide are solar powered and mount onto the rooftop of your car, similar to a roof box.

Now that we have piqued your interest, keep reading! These incredible tents typically take less than a couple of minutes between setting up and climbing into bed. Leaving you to go off exploring or enjoy your surroundings.

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Why Buy a Woods Tent?

Well, we could go on for days about why you should buy a Woods Tent. But we have decided to condense it down to the key points so that you can make an informed decision. The main thing that we would like to portray is how convenient a roof tent can be for you or your family. After a long day of driving, hiking, climbing or exploring you no longer have to worry about the stress of pitching a tent when you just want to relax. 


WoodsBuilt Tents

  • Set up time

    After the tent is installed on your roof, set up time is generally a couple of minutes

  • Storage space

    The benefit of having a roof tent is it won't take up huge amounts of space in your car

  • Convenience

    Woods Tents run on solar power meaning you can charge it through the day and charge your devices at night without a power source.

Standard Ground Tent

  • Set up time

    Ground tents take a long time to set up. And you run the risk of forgetting or losing parts.

  • Storage space

    Tents generally take up lots of room in the car and can make for an uncomfortable trip

  • Less Equipped

    With a standard tent you need to bring power packs or charge devices from your car battery

What Types of Tent Do They Have?

woods built tent

WoodsBuilt Aspen

The WoodsBuilt Aspen is their most economical tent and will comfortably fit 2 people. It features a 2" mattress and a telescoping ladder. This tent will provide you with excellent shelter against the elements.


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To find out more or purchase the Aspen, please follow the link below. 

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WoodsBuilt Sequoia

The Woodsbuilt Sequoia is the flagship tent with the largest capacity. This tent can comfortably fit 3 people at once. Fully equipped with a solar panel, charge controller with USB outlets and lighting inside that runs on a battery source which is also included.

Find out more about the Sequoia

To find out more or purchase the Aspen, please follow the link below. 

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Payment Options

With WoodBuilt you also have the option to spread your payments. Meaning you can pay a lower monthly price for your tent.