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Posted on January 24, 2013 by Bryan in Articles
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OKOCA has a new design of cards that you can give to businesses who have posted “no guns” signs. OKOCA will continue to make these available to members as a fundraiser, and the cost is $3.00 per 20 cards. This includes postage to mail anywhere in Oklahoma.

We also will permit people to have their own cards made. Download the artwork and have your local printing company make a box or two.

OKOCA only asks that you make sure your cards look professional. Printing them at home onto paper does not leave a good impression. While you can buy printer ready card stock and achieve an acceptable result, our experience has taught us that it’s far more cost effective to have these made at a local printer or at Office Depot, especially if you buy 1000 or more at a time.

Thanks for working to educate people about how “gun free zones” do not protect anyone, and how that they may actually make people less safe. Remember that disarming innocent people does not protect innocent people.

OKOCA No Guns = No Money cards artwork